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Ghana was the third country to connect to the internet in Africa. Also, it is one of the freest countries. People in Ghana can access to content without internet censorship. We can imagine how free it is when people speak their minds on the internet. However… there are more and people in Ghana start googling and using a VPN(Virtual Private Network).

Why people in Ghana need a VPN?

In most cases, people use a VPN to unblock websites and bypass internet censorship to access to social media that are banned in their country. Since Ghana is such a free country, do people in Ghana still need a VPN?

Yes, for privacy-conscious users. Freedom doesn’t mean secure, it is said that cyber fraud has been a major issue in Ghana since the use of the internet. Fraudsters get access to your personal information like your phone number and send fake messages to convince people transferring money and sensitive information to them. In this digital world, cybersecurity and education of avoiding personal data leakage are becoming more and more essential. Especially in Ghana, the more websites and internet services people can use, the risk of it increases accordingly.

Luckily, people in Ghana realize that it is still necessary to self-censor to avoid eavesdropping, detection and hacking. People still search VPN on Google for more info. I guess that is also the reason brings you here. After reading this article, I believe what you have learned also leads you to add a layer of your online security to your devices with a VPN.

How does a VPN work? Why is it safe?

Your ISP(Internet Service Provider) would tap into the router to move your internet traffic to these websites when you are browsing without using a VPN. The ISP assigns an IP(Internet Protocol) address to your device so that some networks or organizations can monitor your IP address with your location information and online activities.  

If you use a VPN, however, your computer is connected to the servers of the VPN provider. So what a VPN does is creating a digital tunnel to cover this routed internet connection, as the VPN server combines the web traffic with thousands of other IP addresses, making it difficult for others to monitor where you’re going and what you’re doing online.

A VPN is safe enough or not greatly depends on the encryption technology and protocol implemented on it. The reason why we recommend RitaVPN here is that it answers all your concerns about keeping safety and privacy online.

Concern 1: What if my VPN drops?

A VPN killswitch is a safety mechanism that automatically stops all network traffic if the VPN connection suddenly fails. RitaVPN is equipped with a built-in killswitch, so it prevents the user’s real IP from being discovered and data leaks.

Concern 2: What if my personal data leaks?

Encryption is one of the most common ways to protect sensitive data. The higher level of encryption a VPN provider offer, the more security features they provide. According to the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES), 256-bit features the largest bit size and is virtually unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the strongest encryption.

What is more, RitaVPN provides OpenVPN encryption. OpenVPN is a protocol to secure its communication tunnel and encrypt your traffic between VPN servers and your devices. It is also considered the best as it provides adequate speed with high security.

Concern 3: VPN log my online activities

A trustworthy VPN service provider won’t log your online activities and clearly put that into their Terms and Privacy Policy. On the login page of RitaVPN, you can easily reach and check out the Terms and Privacy Policy before you use it. In the 2.12th clause, it guarantees no logs of users’ activities, and private data are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party.

What else can a VPN do?

People who to want to unblock websites that is geo-restricted and only can be accessed locally can also use a VPN to bypass those “walls”.

Geo-restrictions happen everywhere, in order to get access to content that is only available in other areas, the comprehensive resolution should be using a VPN to unblock websites. Here are some popular websites that can be accessed with a VPN.

1. A Larger Netflix Library

provides access to desire more content by locating your IP address in another country, For instance, you watch Netflix US by connecting to a U.S. node on RitaVPN. Also, it is faster to stream HD while using the VPN.

2. Stay anonymous and faster while torrenting

Since RitaVPN can mix your real IP address with other thousands of IP, you can rest assured to stay anonymous while torrenting.

3.Throttle-Free experience

Bandwidth throttling happens when your internet provider turns down your internet speed intentionally due to certain reasons or personal benefits. The thing is, in order to do this, they need your real IP address, since RitaVPN hides your real IP, so you can have a throttle-free experience when your online, no matter streaming or torrenting.


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