Use a VPN for emails to protect privacy and security online


Internet Conglomerate and Popular E-Mail Host Yahoo was hacked twice earlier this year, revealing personal, sensitive data from 1.5 billion account holders. Innumerable other widespread and anecdotal reports of hacker attacks are spreading on the Internet.

Similarly, cybercriminals have potentially more damaging tools to harm well-meaning Internet users than ever before. The United States National Security Agency (NSA) and other government agencies around the world spy on innocent people every day. The net neutrality should soon no longer exist. Among other things, all these factors contribute to generally unsafe internet use. That’s why we need a VPN for email.

What is a VPN?

Virtual private networks or VPNs establish secure connections over the public Internet and other networks. Outgoing data is encrypted prior to transmission and unencrypted only to authorized destinations. Many respected, high-level universities, businesses, government agencies, and other organizations rely on VPNs to protect sensitive information.

Where can I find a VPN?

Many organizations offer VPNs for free or as paid subscriptions. To be secure online, it may be safer to trust well-known organizations that offer paid-for VPNs to trust as free software. Interested Internet users can search online for trusted VPN providers like NordVPN that are generally trusted to meet data security requirements.

Use a VPN for e-mail

So download a VPN software or pay a reputable provider for a subscription (best). If you are accessing the Internet, start the VPN first before accessing your e-mail account.

The internet is unfortunately not a safe place. Seemingly innocent email providers, advertisers, and government agencies use our private information for their own personal interests. Not every government or company is inherently bad, but no internet user can protect their information without encrypting personal information with a VPN.

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