My Best VPN Choice in 2019-Personal VPN Review


I have tried a lot of VPNs, however, this VPN surprises me. I reckon it is my wisest choice in 2019 and the best value for my money after doing research on VPNs.

I’ve been watching a lot of VPN subreddits like r / VPN, r / VPNReviews, r / privacy. And yes, you can see that many editors will rate those “big name” VPNs that spend tons of money on ads, nordVPN, expressvpn, protonvpn, and so on. But after I’ve tried some of them, it’s fine, but it’s also quite expensive. Oh and I’m in New York when it comes to the internet speed, I know the location of the servers and where you’re physically involved. It turns out that RitaVPN is incredibly perfect to use.

Here’s my personal analysis of this best VPN for me – RitaVPN.

In short, it’s a VPN that charges me the least money while providing me with the military-grade service among VPNs as another “big name.”

As I’m working for a food chain company worldwide. The most important feature I’m focused on (as I consider using it for work) is its encryption technology. As I’m going to do research among our rivals, just in case they also detect my online traffic, so the thing is, it should be enough for me to use a safe one.

There are some technologies or features that make a secure VPN, yeah, and as a businessman, it’s easy to understand that the most dangerous one could be a free one. We offer free goods only when the promotion is required, so I’m not going to choose a free one.

Terms and Privacy Policy

I first checked out their Terms and Privacy Policy before using Ritavpn, as it’s always the first step to test one to make sure they don’t monitor your personal information and traffic online.

It’s easy to get to your privacy policy because it’s just on app’s login page. I’m using an iPhone and I like the design of their UI design, clear enough to use even if you’re an old man. And in the 2.12th clause, it is noticeable that it guarantees no logs of the activities of users, and private data are not monitored, recorded, logged, stored or passed to any third party.

Encryption techniques

Encryption capability is the second feature I thought about. As far as I know, the most effective and unable to crack brute force is the AES-256 encryption, it is also the first publicly accessible and open cipher authorised by the National Security Agency (NSA) to secure information at the level of “Top Secret.”

And indeed,  RitaVPN implements this. Therefore, this is what makes me trust it.

Double leak protection

Leak prevention is another reason I like it. Because it provides better protection against leakage. One of them is killswitch and the other is security against DNS leakage. If my connection drops, I won’t worry about it as what killswitch is doing is cutting off all network traffic in case my data leaks. DNS leak protection always prohibits DNS servers from sending unencrypted queries to the ISPs outside of a VPN tunnel or directly.

Good price.

If you’re stingy like me, you’re not going to regret using this VPN. At the end of the year, they just got endless deals. You’ll see a lot of deals like 50% off. After the free trial, I bought a 1-year contract, which costs me less than $2 a month.


All in all, even this VPN is not so popular, but I feel quite lucky to be in their first user generation. The servers they have offered are enough for me to use as I will just connect to the one in the US when I am abroad to watch Netflix, the streaming works perfectly for me.

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